• » Daniel Directory: open data solution for Katowice

    Upon its 2012 accession to the global open data movement, Medialab Katowice initially followed the example set by the most innovative cities in trying to create a directory and open database for the city. However, after several months of activities including workshops, discussions, conferences and above all the findings of the working group set up during Katowice’s edition of Open Data Day, we have developed our own solution tailored to the needs of individuals and organisations working in Katowice. Being confident that the creators of existing repositories in different cities often attach too much attention to technology, not seeing the real needs of data users, we propose to create an online service that we have called the Daniel Directory. With it, we will build a community focused on solving data problems with the use of knowledge shared by users. If you wish to become a user of the service or you are willing to help in its development, please contact us.