• » Sound Map of Katowice Greens

    The map refers to the idea of the City of Gardens. We were interested in the city’s greens, which cover about 40% of its total area, and above all in the sound environment of public spaces in the city centre. We usually complain about the noise caused by the surrounding roads and other unpleasant sounds of the city, but few of us realise that the sound environment can be designed, just as we design buildings and urban systems. In some cases, the study led to surprising results, standing in sharp contrast to the commonly accepted image of the space. This was the case in Kosciuszko Park, surrounded on three sides by some of the busiest streets in the city. The recordings were also an extremely interesting and unconventional way to explore Katowice, leading us from the squares in the centre, through the industrial areas, to the beautiful forests and nature reserves. We do encourage you to embark on this unique sound tour. Listen to the city.