• » ZIG-ZAG: What if queuing up wasn’t that boring?

    The fact, that the urban environment is unfavourable from the social standpoint is common knowledge. The aim of this project is to reduce the level of anonymity by involving strangers in positive interactions and to form short-term, ad-hoc teams that will cooperate to achieve a common goal. The game we have designed makes use of the fact that in certain situations people follow specific patterns and share similar emotions.  A long, slow-moving queue to an entertainment venue (theme park, concert hall, theatre etc.) provides a suitable environment for this kind of experiment, since a mixture of boredom and excitement is capable of creating a potent context for social interaction. To make the game as accessible and intuitive as possible, the player's height is used as a controller. [Project by: Karolina Chmiel & Jakub Wolak].