• » A Graduate on the Labour Market

    A major challenge to combating unemployment is the situation of university graduates entering a new phase of life. With no clear vision of what they want to achieve, they make rather random choices whit a potentially critical effect on their later careers. There are a lot of materials to help the unemployed find that much-needed job. Unfortunately, such information is scattered, so getting accurate advice becomes a considerable challenge. A thorough review of available information allowed us to extract information suitable for graduates. Our goal was to create a map with which one can intuitively obtain relevant information. We based it on the four levels of knowledge, which correspond to the information folders and forms to promote self-motivated action. It was important for us to present information in map form, so we used the stairwell of the Faculty of Philology at the University of Silesia. This made it possible to show climbing up the knowledge ladder in a symbolic way and at the same time extend the offer to individuals seeking specific support. By Marcin Gołdyn, Paulina Urbańska, Sylwia Widzisz-Pronobis.