• » Detecting Sensory Grid Sensors: Who watches the watchmen?

    A matrix of sensors is an integral part of any modern city space. It is a sensory grid, arranged as a geographically distributed network comprising a variety of devices designed to provide convenience for citizens. The sensors, which collect data on us, are hidden from public sight so as not to interfere with the cityscape. As a result, privacy issues are becoming more and more evident. The big question is: who watches the watchmen? We need to be able to detect the sensors, which we can accomplish by means of self-sensing. A self-sensing sensor is able to detect another one of the same kind with only a few specific types of sensor being able to perform this task. The video presents a method of detecting a µTACT touch sensor with another µTACT. One of the answers to the initial question can thus be: the watchmen watch themselves. [Project by: Rafał Piątkowski].