• » Luminoo: Intelligent, mood-enhancing light

    The Luminoo is an intelligent, context-aware lamp that is able to respond to a variety of different seating arrangements at the table. With a system of chair-mounted sensors the Luminoo can recognise how many people are sitting at the table and what activities they are engaging in. If a person is working, the lamp can provide a bright light conducive to concentration and work. However, if the people at the table are enjoying a chat, the lamp is able to match the new scenario with a friendly atmosphere under dim. By modifying the lighting environment, the Luminoo is capable of enhancing the moods of the people around. This innovative concept can be considered a contribution to the discussion on the Internet of Things, where everyday items are in some way aware of their surroundings and the context in which they are used. Sensory City Workshop | Tomasz Gęstwicki & Szymon Kaliski.