• » Giszowiec Rulez Typeface

    The inspiration to create a new typeface came from a photo of a mural found on the web and, as it later turned out, also on the official website of GKS Katowice football club fans. Although the City’s walls are often strewn with ugly doodles, some inspiring projects can also be spotted. The mural ‘Niepokonany Giszowiec’ (Giszowiec Rulez) attracted the designer’s attention mainly due to its characteristic letter shapes. While working on the typeface based on the said image, she has introduced her own modifications. She also had an idea that the typeface can be developed to include different versions and, depending on particular design needs, can be either friendly or predatory in nature to either highlight the advantages of Gieksa, as the club is popularly known or to mock an opponent. Two versions were created: rounded, for singing the team’s praises, as well as spiky, used to effectively convey more combative content. Try it out (ttf files).